Originating from Northern Italy, the long family histories of both Dr. Eng. Carlo Piotti, and Luca Gatta has given them deep roots in the construction industry particularly in the engineering and trade of wood building materials:
- Gatta Marco s.r.l. -
- Studio Tecnico Associato Piotti -

Gatta Piotti Solutions srl offers a complete service for your building needs from the design and selection of materials to the production and installation. Managing the technical aspects of the design efforts, Carlo Piotti manages the safety of each structure. Luca Gatta is responsible for all commercial transactions including material selections and creating a broad trade network within the international construction industry. Together, they guarantee the most precise, satisfying process with an exemplary finished structure.

“Seated left: Marco Gatta, right: Dario Piotti.
Standing left: Luca Gatta, right: Carlo Piotti”